• This is where we aim to understand what is important to you for your home. We ask you some questions and answer your questions. This can be done by phone, email or video conference.
  • You will complete our short online assessment. This will give us an indication of your finance capability, which allows DNHD to tailor your quote to your budget.
  • No financial documentation is required at this stage. Simply take 5 minutes to answer the questions to your best of your ability.


  • You will be connected with our finance team to complete your finance application and ascertain the budget for your new home.
  • There are so many lenders and options available, our team will assist you to secure the most competitive loan for your goals.
  • Our finance team is not a part of DNHD, but they are a professional and trusted team with over 30 years experience in lending. You are in the best hands.
  • If you already have finance approved, our next step is to sit down with you for your design consult.


  • We have a wide range of unique home designs to select from, we have an inhouse architect and can custom design your new home.
  • Once we have a plan, a detailed understanding of the scope of your project and your proposed budget DNHD will be able to supply a quote for your new home.


  • After the design, plans and quote have been approved and finalised, the next step is to sign the building contract for your new home.
  • Once signed, your build contract will be provided to you and your lender.
  • Upon receipt of the formal approval of finance from your lender, DNHD will proceed with your project.


  • After the design and plan have been formally engineered and signed off, it is time to submit the Development Application to council.
  • DNHD will take care of all your approvals, you can relax and let us take care of the process for you.
  • Commencement day starts on the day of building permit approval.
  • DNHD will complete your new home before the contract due date.


  • The big day has arrived – Handover!
  • The keys to your beautifully completed new home will be presented. It is ready for you to move in and create new memories. Congratulations!

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